Get Your Skin Looking Great This Summer

Skincare should be part of your day no matter the season. While winter calls for deep moisturising, summer brings a new set of problems for the skin. Sun, dust, warm winds, rain and over use of cosmetics can make your skin dull. The summer season manifests the fact that different skin types need exclusive care. The number of cosmetic companies out there is simply staggering, and half the damage to our skin is caused while figuring out which brand is ideal.
Get Your Skin Looking Great This Summer
Get Your Skin Looking Great This Summer

Skin problems in summer include acne, scaly skin, tanning, prickly heat, fast aging and rashes. You can keep moisture levels of your skin intact by consuming plenty of water, fruits, using sun protection and cleansers. Make sure that exposure to sun is minimal, and exfoliate your skin regularly. While selecting a body lotion, look for mild ingredients as these will keep your skin hydrated.
Choosing the right sunscreen can become quite tricky. The diverse options on display in supermarkets don’t exactly make things easier. Follow these pointers while selecting a sunscreen:
  • If you are more prone to breakouts, then prefer the oil-free kind of products.
  • Choose a mineral-based sun block that contains zinc oxide or titanium dioxide if your skin is sensitive.
  • If you exercise a lot outdoors, then opt for gel based sunblocks.
You might need to reapply your sunscreen once during lunch time. Reapply after a swim as well if your sunscreen is not water resistant.
So if avoiding the sun is the golden rule, how are we supposed to get that sun-kissed glow? A tan undoubtedly looks great, especially since long winters make the skin appear pale. Sunless tanners are the answer, but you need to be picky here as well. Sunless tanners come with a mix of different formulas, so it is better to let a tanning technician intervene here.
Summer calls for bikinis, shorts, sleeveless shirts and short skirts. Needless to say, all that body hair has to be taken care off! You can opt for hair removers and gentle razors, but for a permanent solution to body hair, consider laser treatment. The technology has become much safer and economical today, and preferred by many. Side effects barely last more than three days.
To look and feel good at all times is not just a question of vanity. Surveys have proved that people with an appealing appearance tend to be more confident and positive. The way we feel about ourselves is affected by our physical looks in a big way. So why should we let wrinkles dampen our spirits? Summer means you might be exposed to heat and harmful sun rays which are also the cause of wrinkles due to skin damage and aging. With Botox Belfast, you can now smooth those lines on your face and achieve a more youthful look. The procedure takes only a few minutes, and the pain experienced is negligible. The results of Botox last for up to 6 months.
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